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Center for Cancer Research

Research from the laboratory to the patient and vice versa

Around 20 innovative research projects are initiated at the Center for Cancer Research every year. Due to the affiliation of the center to the Medical University of Vienna and the proximity to the AKH Wien (Vienna General Hospital), basic research and clinic can work together very closely and the research results flow directly into diagnosis and therapy.

Our vision: Cancer is a conquerable and curable disease!

05. July 2022

16th Cancer Research Run on October 8, 2022

The 16th cancer research run is back on the original running route at the university campus Altes AKH in Vienna, this time with the slogan: If you…
22. June 2022

Fellowships from the Austrian Academy of Sciences for researchers at MedUni Vienna

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) has accepted further young researchers into its scholarship programs. In 2022, 103 young scientists were…
20. May 2022

The Center for Cancer Research is happy about the large number of visitors

The Center for Cancer Research and the Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna were present with an extensive program at the Long Night of Research this…
11. May 2022

The Long Night of Research at the Center for Cancer Research

At the Long Night of Research at the Center for Cancer Research on May 20, 2022 from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., our scientists will present and explain…

Cellular and Molecular Tumor Biology

Investigation of the basic mechanisms leading to tumor development with particular emphasis on molecular cancer epidemiology, cancer cell signaling and therapy, mutagenesis, tumor-stroma interactions and the impact of inflammation on tumorigenesis. Read more

Mainly researched types of cancer:

colon cancer
liver cancer

Applied and Experimental Oncology

Development and evaluation of novel anticancer compounds and/or therapy targets based on the precise elucidation of molecular factors underlying cancer development and progression. Elaboration of strategies to avoid therapy resistance against classical chemotherapy and novel targeted anticancer compounds. read more

Mainly researched types of cancer:

lung cancer and mesothelioma
colon cancer
breast cancer
brain tumors (also in children)
bladder carcinoma
osteo- and soft tissue sarcomas

Chemical Safety and Cancer Prevention

Characterization of the toxicologic and carcinogenic potential of chemicals. Investigation of the complex cellular pathways by which cancer risk factors affect the multistep evolution of cancer. Elucidation of the molecular basis of therapy resistance. read more

Mainly researched types of cancer:

breast canler
liver cancer
colon cancer

Tumor Progression and Metastasis

Identification and characterization of molecular mechanisms which promote tumor cells to invade into the surrounding tissue and into the circulation to form metastases. Examination of molecular mechanisms which educate cells of the tumor microenvironment such as cancer-associated fibroblasts and immune cells to facilitate metastatic colonization. read more

Mainly researched types of cancer:

liver cancer
prostate cancer
breast cancer

Support cancer research

Help cure cancer In Austria, around 39,000 people are diagnosed with "cancer" every year. Unfortunately, the disease still leads to death in almost 50 percent of patients. With your donation you promote research and help to make cancer a curable disease. Donate now!
08. October 2022 10:00 AM-14:00 PM
SAVE THE DATE: 16. Lauf für die Krebsforschung
13. July 2022 12:30 PM-13:30 PM
Progress Report: Dorian Hammerl (Holzmann lab)
21. September 2022 12:30 PM-13:30 PM
Progress Report: Stephan Grüner (Barozzi lab)
28. September 2022 12:30 PM-13:30 PM
Progress Report: Anna Lämmerer (Berger lab)