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The Center for Cancer Research

Our Research

The Center for Cancer Research at the Medical University of Vienna investigates the causes and mechanisms of cancer and develops methods for prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

In order to be able to treat cancer successfully, all influencing factors and aspects of the disease must be understood:

  • What role do environmental influences play in the development of cancer, such as air pollution, nutrition and many more?
  • Why does a cell "degenerate" and grow uncontrollably?
  • How do metastases arise?
  • Which therapy works particularly well for which patients and which diseases? How can we arrive at tailor-made therapies?

Only when these and many other questions have been answered, a successful therapy can be developed and the mortality rate reduced after a cancer diagnosis.

What makes the center unique?

The Center for Cancer Research covers oncological research more comprehensively than any other institution in Austria. It enjoys an international and national reputation as an outstanding competence center for experimental cancer research.

An important part of our research is close collaboration with professional groups dedicated to cancer research and cancer treatment. Only in this way is it possible for us, beyond the limits of the laboratory, to bring our results directly into clinical practice and therapy. Conversely, new successes in treatment can immediately flow into our research and be further refined. As the only university cancer research facility in Austria, the center also offers a wide range of opportunities for training and further education through courses, university courses and doctoral programs.